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Let You Go

You’re nothing worth the stare

Aside from your blue hair

That you used to dye purple

That I used to think was beautiful

But everyone goes through changes

And I guess our colors faded

Now we’re only together

In dreams and memories

The thought of you is haunting

But every night I lay just pondering

If I ever run through your mind

I bet I don’t and I guess that’s fine

Because I let you go, every time I catch you

Wandering through mine


It was a shot in the dark that penetrated my heart

Leaving me bloody and wounded

And as I lie in the pool of my own self pity

I gasped for the air to say one last painful goodbye


But instead of goodbye, I put up a fight

I was not going to let this take my life

Help arrived shortly to pick up the pieces

Glued my broken heart back together

I’m not exactly “good as new”

But I’m getting better

« thats actually a pretty shitty idea but thanks for trying »

- me in every group project   (via aequih)

(Source: exgf)